Franck Ardourel
Director of Marketing at DNN


“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Grant. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with such a reliable professional, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he has impressive sales skills to drive high results.

His knowledge of marketing combined with his expertise in sales was a huge advantage to our marketing department. Along with his undeniable talent, Grant has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Grant”

Tony Mai
Business Development Manager at Apttus

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“Strategic-minded, proactive, process driven, solution focused, and knack for identifying enterprise inefficiencies – Grant was a privilege to manage.

Grant naturally exhibits these qualities and consistently approach his work with care and quality. I’ve hired many reps in the past and would consider Grant one of our department’s top talents.

Grant is an unbelievable asset to his organization and any company fortunate of hiring him would be smiling all the way to the bank. “

Noah Vo
Enterprise Business Development at Apttus

“I had the pleasure of working with Grant during my time at Apttus and it has been an amazing experience.

He is one of the hardest working individuals I’ve met and he is always there to help a colleague, whether it is proof-reading an email template or troubleshooting technical issues with the CRM. He is very analytical and always excels at his job responsibilities, and I can fully recommend him to any team lucky enough to have his talents!”

Jack McGannon
Chief Executive Officer at Canto

Jack McGannon

“I have had the pleasure of working with Grant Glazer, an account executive for our new SaaS digital asset management offering. Grant consistently exhibits a strong work ethic, an important strength in sales and customer success. This is reflected in his clients, with whom he maintains positive relations.

Grant is definitely a team player, working well with others in the organization. Impressively, he is extremely enthusiastic and displays a tenacity that is a key ingredient in his bright future. On top of that, Grant is an overall good person.”

Navin Nagiah
Chief Executive Officer at DNN


“Grant Glazer worked at DNN for about 2 years. During this time, I was impressed by Grant’s intelligence and his energy. He is also very good at both project and process management. He started as an SDR and quickly moved to be the lead for the SDR team at DNN, and then to a New Business AE. I still remember him writing a “handbook / manual” so that new SDRs could come up to speed quickly. The manual was both expansive & thorough, and immensely helpful to new hires we brought on-board.

Grant’s intelligence, energy and attention to detail will be a huge asset to both himself and any company he chooses to work at.”

John Malamud
Account Executive

John Malamud

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Grant while he ran the SDR team at DNN. I can say with confidence that Grant is one the sharpest and hardest working individuals I have ever worked with, and his accomplishments at DNN are evidence of this. While he was one of the younger team members, management saw his potential and made him team lead, a role in which he flourished. His dedication to the team he oversaw was admirable, and he never lost focus of the goals that were put in front of him. I highly recommend Grant for any team that is looking for smart and hungry players that can contribute off the bat.”

Ian Ray
Full Stack Web Developer


“Grant is a real team player, willing to roll up his sleeves and approach any task with confident optimism. Grant is highly computer literate. Which allows him to quickly learn and adapt with constantly evolving technology, which he can accurately articulate to customers.

Working with Grant was not only fun, but very consistent and reliable. As a fellow Eagle Scout, Grant was incredibly trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent!”

Lawrence Woo
Enterprise Account Executive


“I worked with Grant in both roles when he was the SDR Team Manager and I continued to work alongside him when he was promoted to an Account Executive here at DNN. Throughout his time here at DNN, Grant consistently brought a tenacious drive to the table, always exceeding management’s expectations and never losing focus on the long term goals.

Being an exceptional team player, he was often designated as a resource for newer team members, however he was never afraid to strategize with his colleagues or senior management to discuss alternate solutions when difficult roadblocks arose in deals.

Grant’s rate of promotion here at DNN is a testament of what management sees in him, I know he will go far in his personal career and I can fully recommend his talents.”

Michael Kutulas
Sales Development


“I have had the great fortune and pleasure to work with Grant at DNN during my time there. Grant was the Team Lead for the SDR group.

Grant is an enthusiastic and detail oriented individual, who achieves results by rolling up his sleeves and jumping in. He also knows how to communicate with people and understands the importance of timely communication.

Grant achieved great success as an SDR by taking the time to learn the product and by consistently following up on his leads. Grant was also out to ensure the Team’s success rather than worry about his own. He would freely share good leads with the SDR team and he was always there for us as our representative when issues needed to be brought up to upper management.

I can wholly recommend Grant to whomever is considering hiring him for a position. You will get a solid, dedicated, respectful, bright, upbeat and responsible member for your organization!”

DNN Employee Profile: Grant Glazer

Published March 4th 2016 by Dennis Shiao

I consider Grant Glazer an efficiency expert. When he met with us in 2015, DNN was one of three companies Grant interviewed with that day. Yes, three on-site interviews in one day. I asked Grant how he felt at the end of that day. “Tired, but satisfied,” he replied.


Reflecting back on the day, Grant believed he made a strong impression with all three companies. With DNN, Grant was attracted to the office environment and noticed that the team enjoyed working with one another. Grant found our Evoq products to be “easy-to-use, innovative and useful.”

Grant did make a strong impression with DNN. We made him an offer and he accepted it, joining DNN in September 2015 as a Sales Development Representative (SDR).

Note: Grant was recently promoted to Team Lead of the Inbound SDR Team. Congrats, Grant!


During his first few weeks at DNN, a number of team members provided product and sales training to Grant. During his first month, Grant found the job to be as expected, except for one thing:

“I didn’t know I could have this much fun at work,” he said. Unlike past jobs, Grant noticed that everyone at DNN seems to truly enjoy working with one another.

Grant likes that people aren’t afraid to be themselves; they are always quick to joke around and poke fun at one another. Grant had no problem fitting in with his quick wit and sense of humor.


Grant was raised in San Diego, California. Driving an hour in any direction, he could reach the ocean, the desert, or the snow. Grant loves to ski and drives up to Lake Tahoe for the occasional ski weekend. Recently, Grant shared his joy of skiing by giving ski lessons to his girlfriend.

In addition to skiing, Grant enjoys other outdoor activities, such as hiking and swimming. A self-professed space nerd, Grant devoured the Elon Musk biography, frequently visits the SpaceX subreddit and likes to watch launches (and landings) of Space X rockets online.

Related link: Grant’s profile on LinkedIn.


Pictured: Grant spends his days engaging with people.

Grant spends his days connecting via phone, email and online chat with people who express an interest in DNN’s products. According to Grant, “As an SDR, I specialize in uncovering and qualifying business opportunities for our account executives.”

Grant takes a value-based approach to sales development. His interactions are centered around buyers and the challenges they’re experiencing. “I like to step into their shoes, see what they’re thinking and understand what’s driving their need for a solution.”

Grant uncovers a wide range of client use cases for our CMS software, and that’s something he enjoys the most about his job.

I asked Grant about the single most important attribute for an SDR. He said: persistence. “You’re not always going to reach someone on your first try. But I found that if you keep at it, chances are you’ll catch them at the right time one day.”


Pictured: Grant at the snack closet. Decisions, decisions!

Grant appreciates the fact that we have a kitchen stocked with drinks, snacks, cold cuts, bread, fruit and more. Beyond the snacks, he enjoys the people and the environment.

According to Grant, “I feel like I’m actually cared about here. My opinions are valued. If I ask someone a question, they answer it. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll know whom to get the answer from.”

Pictured: Grant alongside Franck, DNN’s Director of Marketing

Grant describes his colleagues as “intelligent, helpful and driven” and they’re a key reason he’s excited to come to work each day.


Dennis Shiao

I’m on the Marketing team at DNN Corp, where I work on product and content marketing. I’m editor of the DNN corporate blog.