Sales Experience

How my journey selling has evolved over the years

Currently, I work at Apttus, helping our customers manage their middle office suite of products better using our Configure, price, quote, contract management, billing, revenue recognition, and our applied AI software. Previously, I was at DNN Software where I sold their CMS – Content Management System (SaaS & On-Premise) to SMB – Enterprise clients. I started at the ground floor as an SDR, calling everyone I could to generate new opportunities. Over-achieving my quota for 8 months led to a promotion to the SDR team manager. I managed the 4 SDR team, and provided weekly and quarterly updates to management. I was again promoted to an Enterprise Account Executive, where I worked the process from Discovery to a technical demo, then assisting clients with trial’s and fulfilling their requirements for their future website needs.

At Canto Software I sold their DAM – SaaS Digital Asset Management System to clients all over the world. I also acted as the first level of customer support, providing excellent customer service to our valued clients and when needed, engaging in upsell opportunities to as their business grew.

At Staples, I sold technology hardware such as PC’s, tablets, phones, & printers, and was trained to upsell those products with extension plans.

Part time during college, I worked in Costco’s and Sam’s Club’s, selling everything from knives, cleaning products, beauty products, and even potstickers.

While working my first job during high school, I was trained in the first rule of sales: customer support – listen to the customer, and with the help of my manager, assist that client to the best of our abilities to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

While in middle school, I was quite active in sports, so yes, I was one of those annoyingly precious kids knocking on your front door asking to buy cookies, magazines, or popcorn depending on the season! You got used to hearing “no” but with perseverance, you could succeed!

And yes – I was that kid on the street corner selling lemonades in the hot summers after elementary school let out. But living on the end of a dead end cul-de-sac street meant little business came my way. My little entrepreneurial spirit created the stand on wheels with my trusty wagon, and I found a mobile stand could reach many more customers!


As a natural problem solver with that classic “Fix-It” mentality, I have been selling all my life, solution selling comes naturally to me. If you are looking for talent to help sell, feel free to reach out and contact me for my services!

Website Implementation

& Design

Sites I have Created:

New Age Drone


I have experience with both the .Net and Php frameworks, I have used both DNN’s open source solution as well as their enterprise CMS, as well as WordPress and advanced plugins for my other sites.