To create macro commands and string many devices together, you can use the app Stringify or you can use your harmony home’s android or PC application. When I want to issue a “string” of commands, I can use stringify or harmony to do so. I’ll use two examples, the first is setup on IFTTT with the “If” trigger phrase; “Hey Google, Xbox” and the “Than that” step with Harmony to perform an activity. In my harmony app, I set up a new activity which includes my TV, Xbox, and my Lifx lightbulb. The activity tells the TV to turn on, tells the xbox to turn on, tells the light to turn on, and then switch the TV to the correct input for the xbox. So by just saying “Hey Google, Xbox” I just sent 4 commands.


Stringify is the other way to chain or “string” actions together. For instance, I have a string setup to turn on or off all the lights in my house, even though I have both lifx smart bulbs and normal standing lamps plugged into Wemo smart outlet plugs. By adding multiple steps to one string, I can create complex chain commands. Once I have all my steps in, I set a IFTTT step as the trigger, and then setup the IFTTT command with google assistant as the “if” trigger and Stringify as the “that” action. I hope this is helpful in making your smart home smarter!


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