2017 has been quite the year, and the interest in mining cryptocurrency has never been higher. While I use my server to mine when not otherwise being used, I wanted to explore what other devices I could put to work.

In a previous post, I described how I have setup my Raspberry Pi 3 to log my internet speed every 15 minutes with a cron job. You can see that article here: Automatically log your internet speeds with a Raspberry Pi

Since that device is always on anyways, I wanted to explore if I could put the device to use further and have it mine Monero.


Below is my guide on how to set that up –

You will need:

Raspberry Pi 3B
SD Card (You will need to format and install the Raspbian software to it)
Power Supply 5V. 2A

Raspberry Pi OS
I used Raspbian

Raspberry Pi Tools
Putty ( SSH and telnet client for windows )

1) Do a SSH connection to your  Raspberry Pi.
We use Putty to connect Raspberry Pi and Login Username and password
( default user : pi , password : raspberry )

2) Gain Root Access: sudo -i

3) Update Your Raspberry Pi: apt-get update -y


4) Install Library: apt-get install autoconf libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev openssl libssl-dev gcc gawk automake git -y


5) Clone cpuminer: git clone https://github.com/lucasjones/cpuminer-multi.git


6) Change to CPUminer-multi directory: cd cpuminer-multi


7) Create Files: ./autogen.sh

8) Optimize Build for Raspberry pi 3B Version: ./configure

make —always-make

9) Enter in Monero Wallet and Pool information

I use MinerGate – https://minergate.com/

10) To start the mining use the minerd command: ./minerd -a cryptonight -o URL.Your.Pool:port -u worker.1 -p password

For My Example

./minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://xmr.pool.minergate.com:45560 -u [email protected] -p xxx


After the mining operation has started, you will see reports of any mined blocks. You can also check your minergate dashboard to see the stats.


I am seeing results of about 8H/sec which equates to about 0.00884 Monero/week ($0.16/week) at the time of writing. This is by no means a large profit, but since the unit is always on, I figure it is better than nothing! I forsee the value of Monero rising in the future, so hopefully my $0.16/week grows!


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